Off The Streets Program works to build positive relations with drug addicts, alcoholics and sexually abused women on the streets through active listening, consistent outreach and unconditional support. Often times, when a woman leaves the negative life style, she’s lucky if she can leave with the clothes on her back.

The Off the Street, Inc Transtitional House opened in September 2007 and serves as a home for a maximum of eight (8) women

Off The Streets Program 24-hour hotline provides counseling and referrals to anyone in or affected by prostitution. All of our services provide comprehensive, unconditional support, utilizing harm reduction models to assist youth and adults on the street to identify the skills they need or already have to make healthier life choices for themselves.

Off The Streets Program helps women with addiction, who are being released from incarceration or living on the street, to overcome their addictions, to develop marketable skills, to reunite with families and to become productive citizens.

The women of Off The Streets Program participate in a strong recovery program focusing on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), spiritual direction, in-depth support through recovery process, educational lectures, tapes and films on understanding addictions and counseling services (group and individual). The women receive limited public benefits, jobs skills training, computer skill and mentoring to assist with adjusting to a changed life style.

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