Contact Us

Shaaron M. Funderburk

CEO and Founder

P. O Box 550547

Gastonia, NC 28055

Office: 704-214-3331

5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. William Stanley says:

    I’m currently at the salvation army, looking for traditional housing, to gain more sobriety while I work on being independent


  2. Cheistal Fonseca says:

    Hood evening I had applied for assistance awhile back, however I was extremely ill and my mother took my family in to take care of my kids and I, while I was undergoing chemo and radiotherapy. Thank God I’m in remisiĆ³n and came back to work nd need a place to live. Please help my family in having a place to live,


    • marilyn2121 says:

      Good Morning Cheistal, Unfortunately, Off the Streets Program, Inc transitional living house is designated for women who are recovering from alcohol, drug and sexual abuse. We do not have living space for families, only the women who are in recovery. I hope and pray that you will find a space for you and your family and that you will continue to heal.


  3. Christina Johnson says:

    Looking for a sober living environment for just me


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